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Welcome to Elgin Cams !

Dimitri "Dema" Elgin began working in the area of automotive technology in 1957 and opened Elgin's MachineShop in 1960. In 1985, he sold the shop to his employees so that he could devote his attention to his camshaft business, now called Elgin Cams. This is the official website of D.Elgin Cams.


Our primary concern is to grind the optimal camshaft for your engine. We do not mass produce a series of camshafts and have you pick one that is about right. Our intention is to grind a camshaft that is exactly right. With this in mind, it is almost against our philosophy to produce a catalog. We have cataloged here only some of what we have done for foreign car engines because the range of modifications and applications is not as great as with most American V8 engines. All of the performance profiles in this catalog work. They are proven performers ! Experimental profiles are also available. In some cases, it will be possible to pick a profile from the catalog because you are doing a commonly known engine modification and that is exactly what that profile in the catalog was designed for and in other cases it will be necessary to design a profile from scratch on our computer.


If your camshaft is pitted, chipped, or worn, send it to us and we will grind it to either stock specifications or to a performance grind that meets your requirements. In some cases it will be impossible to put a performance grind on your used cam either because it has been re-ground before or the factory didn't leave us enough material to work with. If the factory didn't leave us enough material to re-grind your cam a designation of "NEW BILLET REQUIRED" or "WELDING REQUIRED" will be placed with the information for that grind in the catalog. Also if the bearing journals are excessively worn we can build them up with chrome plating and then finish grind them back to their original size. We can save virtually any rare camshaft. We think that after looking at our price sheet that you will find it much cheaper to have your worn cam reground than to buy a new one. 


For first time engine re-builders or if you are at all unsure, call us before sending your cam so that we can verify that the cam profile you have chosen will work best for your intended application. If you are an experienced engine builder, please include a note describing which profile you would like. If you would like to order a new billet cam you can just call us with your order. 
We are here from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. pacific time. Feel free to call even if you would just like some advice. 
- Phone number 1 (707) 545-6115
- FAX number 1 (707) 545-6223


When sending us your cams make sure that they are double boxed or at least have lots of padding around them. We've received quite a few cams that had harpooned their way through one end of a box.Also if the box is dropped the cam can break into as many as five pieces. Expect the worst treatment from your shipping company. 
There are three ways you can ship us your cams:
  • UPS 
  • Post Office 
  • Federal Express 

Remember, we are here from 8 a.m. to 4 pm ! 


We have made racing cams for virtually everytype of racing; Bonneville, SCCA, Road Racing, Drag, and Oval Dirt Track. We are continually developing new profiles to gain the most from various motor modifications. If you don't find a performance profile that you would like, call us with your needs. Development work is always welcome. For developing full race profiles we will need the following information: 

  1. - Cylinder head flow data, engine size 
  2. - Intake and exhaust system used (sizes) 
  3. - Cylinder bore 
  4. - Crankshaft stroke 
  5. - Connecting rod length (center to center distance) 
  6. - Compression ratio
  7. - Power range desired

With the aid of computers, Dema makes his own camshaft designs. Some of his best costumers include General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Nissan Corporation, Zakspeed International, Porsche Motor Sports, and "Winston Cup" engine builders. He has the largest percentage of cams used at "Mid-Ohio" from GT-1 to Formula-V. In his spare time, Dema travels the country giving speeches on cams and camshafts. He also teaches at DeAnza and Skyline Colleges, Automotive Technology Classes.