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D. Elgin Custom grinding has been in the automotive cam grinding business for over forty years. We have reconditioned or made new cams from the early 1900s to many new present-day applications. There are way too many makes and models to list all of them in our catalog. We’ll be happy to go over your needs when you fill out our ORDER FORM and send it to us.

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Currently Available Books:


  • Section 1 Engine Principles and Terms
  • Section 2 Fuel and Combustion
  • Section 3 Compression Ratio, Combustion Chamber and Port Design, and Intake Systems
  • Section 4 Camshaft Design and Features
  • Section 5 Valve Train
  • Section 6 Piston Rings.
  • Section 7 Pistons and Wrist Pins
  • Section 8 Connecting Rods and Engine Bearings
  • Section 9 Crankshaft and Block Preparation
  • Section 10 Exhaust and Cooling Systems
  • Section 11 Turbocharging, Supercharging, and Nitrous Oxide Injection
  • Section 12 Oil, Lubricants, and Fluids
  • Section 13 Summary of Action Items
  • Section 14 Testing and Tuning
  • Section 15 Computer Modeling Programs, Engine-Building Tools
  • Section 16 Formulas and References
  • Appendix 1: Reference Material by Section
  • Appendix 2: Glossary of Metallurgy

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